Semester Project

I joined the MFA with Fiction on my mind, but -partly because I haven’t yet taken a Fiction class!- I’ve been flexing a more ‘auto-fiction’ muscle (which is basically how I wrote all my life before deciding to be a ‘real writer’ of Fiction).

For Memoir class last semester, Bri assigned us the goal of submitting some work for publication. Best goal ever! I worked over the winter break to create a very long piece that I have since hacked into chapters. This piece reflects on my woes of working for the Man in a corporate start-up setting.

This semester, I would love to workshop an extension of the above piece. I have a draft of something to submit, and am also taking notes for newer pieces.


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3 Responses to Semester Project

  1. I loved your writing on this in Bri’s class and look forward to seeing more!

  2. Ra says:

    i realized that i did this post wrong but thank you for michelle tea and stoking some flames around writing!! see you tonight.

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