Further Reading

Nick Gabriel, “The Hard Life of a K-Pop Fan”

R.O. Kwon, “BTS and K-Pop Fans Strike a Blow to Support #BlackLivesMatter”

Salazar Monarrez, “Untitled”

Corey Robin, “The Pandemic Is the Time to Resurrect the Public University”

Antjie Krog, Nosisi Lynette Mpolweni-Zantsi, Kopano Ratele, There was this Goat 

Eve Babitz, “Heroine”

Michelle Tea, “Against Memoir”

Dessa, “Lights from Above” (from My Own Devices: True Stories from the Road on Music, Science, and Senseless Love)

Group Chat March 10

Peter Elbow, “Voice in Writing: Embracing Contraries”

Joseph Harris, “Voice”

LT’s suggested reading: “When They Say it Won’t Happen in Our Lifetime” – Fanzine by Subversive Thread & Comrade Closet (a thread)

Larry Mitchell and Ned Asta, The Faggots and Their Friends Betweetyn Revolutions [JT: Lucy and I were talking about this book. There’s really nothing like it. It’s a fantasy “novel” published in 1977, written as a series of fables about “The Faggots,” “Their Friends,” “The Women,” “The Faeries,” and “The Men.” The categories are fluid. The fables are inventive, to say the list. The whole thing is exuberant, utopian, dystopian, sweet, violent, erotic, political, historical, futuristic. I could go on.]

CM: Agnes Collard, “What Do the Humanities Do in a Crisis?”

CL: Maria Kuznetsova, “On the Dangers of Autobiographical Writing”

LT: Movie on the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, “Finally Got The News”

LT: Fantastic piece on the decay of higher education and the proposed “solution”: Miyoshi “Trespasses


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